Rafting the Pacaure River, Animal Sitings, and A Few Other Random Thoughts

We began our day at the Cariblue Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. A group of students headed at an early breakfast and headed across the road to the beach. The wave/s were impressive, and there was a number of surfers bobbing out in the water waiting for a big wave.


Afton and Brandon take in the walls of the Pacuare Canyon after a class IV set of rapids. We’ll have to get some action photos from the whitewater sections posted soon!


“Muy Bonita,” “Crazy,” “Breath-taking,” “Intense” –

These are a few of the words CRA students used to describe their rafting adventure on the Pacuare River. When asked for three words, here are the responses:

Afton – Exciting, funny, and beautiful!

Aidia – Adventurous, crazy, and funny!

Barret – Exhilarating, fun, and amazing!

Brandon – Bumpy, wet, and awesome!

Brody – No response.

Carson – Exhilarating, relaxing, and labor-intensive!

Clement – Really fun, wet, and an activity where we had to pay attention a lot.

Craig – Exciting, beautiful scenery, and relaxing.

Dayan – Exciting, calming, and focus-to-avoid-sinking.

Delaney – Exuberant, thrilling, and fun!

Gage – Fun, beautiful-scenery, and quite-tiring.

Henry – No response.

Jacob – Nerve racking, exciting, and blood pumping!

Jackson – Adrenaline, fun, and kind of scary!

Luna – Kind-of-Scary, gorgeous-surroundings, and amazing!

Matteo – Muy bonita, exciting, and tiring.

Maya – Vibrant, breathtaking, and insane!

Micah – Euphoric, wonderful, and new.

Natalya – Fascinating, refreshing, and muscle-usage!

Reece – Intense, extraordinary, and beautiful.

Zoe – Super Duper Cool!

We’ve also seen a number of animals during our brief time in Costa Rica. Here’s a list the students came up with when asked what we’d observed:

The brilliant blue butterflies, a black vulture, Geckos, Capybara (largest rodent on Earth), orange crabs, sloths, Toucans and the Oro Bendura (Oriole-Family of birds that builds the hanging nests), a worm-like leach in the shower, Poisoned Dart and Neon Green, as well as Teal Frogs, a Howler Monkey, and huge spiders!

Sloth on Power Line

A Sloth navigates a power line in the town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica… and he was moving faster than any group member who had seen Sloths before had moved!

Some of the group had some other random thoughts they wanted to share about our brief experience in Costa Rica:

Brandon – “Reece and I got scared by a Chupacabra.”

Clement – “It is very hot here, but it’s very beautiful. It’s very different because we’re used to seeing pine trees, but it’s a whole new world here.” 1. Really fun, wet, and an activity where we had to pay attention a lot.

Dayan – “The food is way better than what we have at home – yummier and healthier.”

Delaney – “I didn’t think the Sloth we saw last night was real at first.”

Gage – “This morning, I saw a long line of ants carrying leaves and stuff.”

Henry – “I saw a gross leach in the shower last night.”

Jacob – “You can sunburn very easily in Costa Rica! And the tropical fruits here are much better than in the States. Not only that, but Craig and I locked ourselves out of our bungalow this morning.”

Jackson – “A gecko dive bombed me at breakfast – he landed on my face!”

Luna – “On the rafting trip, our boat got caught and it started flooding. It was really fun, though.”

Matteo – “When I woke up and walked out of my bungalow this morning, there was a little Neon Green Tree Frog with black spots – and there was a Gecko chasing it.”

Maya – “When we crossed the border about noon, there were school children all around, and they all had uniforms on.”

Micah – “Costa Rica is definitely a place to go!”

Reece – “Dinner last night was a mix of flavors I haven’t tried before. It was super-good. They were the best refried beans we had – they were light, not heavy.”

Coming soon on this blog: CRA Crosses into Panama and tries their luck at snorkeling!