CRA to Central America 2019 – Here We Go!

We started in Belgrade, Montana the morning of Saturday, March 23. Turns out that there is a direct flight from this airport to Los Angeles, California! Twenty-eight travelers from C.R. Anderson Middle School in Helena, MT are heading to Costa Rica and Panama for a Spring Break International Experience!

Our first question was asked after we got back to the airport in Los Angeles waiting to board the plane to San José, Costa Rica. We arrived in LA early this afternoon. We took the bus to the Santa Monica Pier, where our travelers were able to sample the rides along the Pacific Ocean. The first question and responses follow:

What was the best part of our first day together – in Bozeman, on the plane, or here in the Los Angeles area?

Afton – “I liked the Pier because I got to be with different friends – I guess I liked the roller coaster.”

Aidia – “Bozeman was fun… we all got together, and, we were like, OK, I guess we’re doing this!”

Barret – “Going on the roller coaster and stuff. Losing Gage wasn’t that fun, BUT…”

Brandon – “The Sea Dragon went up and down and made my tummy feel weird.”

Brody – Seeing LA – the different people, a different area.”

Carson – “It was freeing to be with a group of friends and just run around a bit [on the Pier], rather than just being stuck in an airport.”

Clement – “I liked that five of us got to be on our own, being free – we repeated the up and down ride like 20 times – it was awesome!”

Craig – “Probably buying our hats – that was pretty good.”

Dayan – “Going to LA and getting to ride the bumper cars with all my friends!”

Delaney – “The pier was fun. I got to hang out with my friends for the afternoon in a different state.”

Gage – “Riding on the rides at the pier was really fun! I liked the Pacific Plunge – the one that takes you up and drops you.”

Henry – “Just going and hanging out with your friends – having free time.”

Jacob – “The pier. Lots of good food and… lots of people in your surroundings. The rides were fun.”

Jackson – “Watching the seagulls fight over a McDonald’s Bag.”

Luna – “The Tea Cup ride – but they weren’t tea cups, they were Sharks!”

Matteo – “Seeing how different people live in LA, even though it is the same country – it was so busy, and the traffic.”

Maya – “Dip and Dots on the Santa Monica Pier – we were outside and not in the airport!”

Micah – “The Ferris Wheel and the sites at the Pier. I think it is crazy that I’m able to be on this trip.”

Natalya – “I liked the bus ride to the pier because we got to talk, and it was fun!”

Reece – “Um… walking over to the bus stop. Me, Barrett, Gage, Clement, and

Barrett going on rides together!”

Zoe – “Driving to Bozeman with Luna and Maya!”

Mr. Elder has a quick meeting with the travelers after all have cleared TSA and are at the gate. We beat the plane to our gate! Students here were saying their names and one of their favorite movies they’ve ever seen. This looks to be a fun group, for sure!