4 Minute Presentation Challenge – NEAF Global Learning Fellows Workshop 2018

In 30 minutes, with a hypothetical budget of US $10 million, we were provided the following information for this workshop. Our group’s goal is to better the state of education given the following UNESCO statistics.

As a group, we decided to focus on the 9 million young people denied the right to a primary education.

According to UNESCO, equity can be affected by three primary factors:

  1. Sex
  2. Location
  3. Wealth

We then brainstormed about all sorts of things and… came up with our best idea for the $10 million budget allotted to us.

Open an Outreach Program as an NGO

  • Promotes the importance of having children in the schools.
  • An additional year of schooling could increase earnings by 10%, and average annual GDP by 0.37%.
  • Outreach office can issue a 3-year voucher
    • Initial cash payment for sending your child to school.
    • Additional compensation for each successive year.
    • At the end of the 3-year term, a bonus could be paid following an ‘exit interview.’
  • BUDGET: $10 million
    • Hire 3 staff in the outreach office (Budget $150,000)
    • Travel, International ($35,000)
    • Travel, Domestic In-Country ($10,000)
    • Printing and Publications (5,000)
    • Family Vouchers (Ave. cost per UNESCO of funding a child’s education for one year is less than $150).
      • $150*3 = $450 per child for a 3-yr. voucher ($150 for exit interview).

Fund over 13,000 students to attend attend school – climbing toward equity in education!

The Equity Team (from L to R): Christa Wallace (Tulsa, OK – G&T teacher), Kelly Elder (Helena, MT – 6th Grade Geography), Laura West (Hot Springs, AR – G&T and 5th Grade American History), Mary Eldredge-Sandbo (Des Lacs, ND – Secondary Biology), Emily Robinson (Atlanta, GA – Secondary English)